H3H3: “SoFlo And Facebook Are Working Together To Destroy Internet”

H3H3 Productions’ outspoken founder, Ethan is back with another rant. As you might remember from a couple of months ago, Ethan explained how some of his video content was being stolen by another user and posted on Facebook. This concept, known as “freebooting”, really pissed off Ethan. He ranted about how Facebook basically told him their was nothing they could do.

Well, Ethan is back with yet another Facebook-fueled rant involving SoFlo Antonio, a YouTuber known for his video pranks. With more than 8 million followers, SoFlo has became the subject of one of H3H3’s many parody videos. Ethan had created a Facebook page, called SoFloBro, devoted to parodies of SoFlo. With just about 88 thousand like, Ethan went to check on the page and realized it had been deleted.

[Photo credit: SoFloBro]

That’s when Ethan discovered something that upset him even more. SoFlo’s page began to show up on his Facebook feed. It showed that he had liked the page, when he knew he never had. He visited his wife and H3H3 partner’s page and noticed she was a fan of the SoFlo page as well. As he began to develop a theory that his deleted page’s likes had been transferred to the real SoFlo page, he came across a Reddit post warning that said that when the page was deleted, the likes were transferred to the official SoFlo page.

[Photo credit: H3H3]

Could this be true?

Ethan further rants about Facebook’s campaign to fight against the “freebooting” problem. However, he says it is all lies. SoFlo’s alleged “Facebook-like laundering” is pretty interesting, Ethan even speculates that he is getting paid for his Facebook fans. He calls SoFlo the most notorious video “stealer” on the Internet and finds it a real injustice. Check out his video for further details on how he believes SoFlo and Facebook are destroying the Internet.

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