Groom Beaten By Friends, Hit By Car During ‘Wedding Hazing,’ Now He’s Suing Them

wedding hazing
Photo by YouTube/Netizen Watch

Weddings are supposedly fun, right? After all, you only get married a few times in your life, once if you’re lucky, zero if you’re luckier… just kidding. Anyway, one wedding for a Chinese groom turned into a nightmare after the wedding hazing he got from his friends ended up nearly killing him after they humiliated him, beat him up, and caused him to be hit by a car.


24-year-old Ai Guangtao from Guizhou province, China thought that his wedding would go smoothly. You see, some weddings just don’t. However, it was not the bridezilla, nor the in-laws which caused the bump in the road– it was Ai’s friends. Apparently, he and his friends still practiced the notorious Chinese tradition of wedding hazing.


It’s pretty much just hazing but for grooms. Hence, Ai’s friends reportedly tied him to a pole, stripped him naked, pelted him with eggs, doused him with alcohol, and sprayed him with ink before he was beaten with bamboo sticks. Of course, this was too much for Ai, so he managed to escape and run away from them. Because of this, he got hit by a car after hopping over a fence into a busy highway.

Ai received a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage due to being hit by a car and taking a beating prior to that. He was also found lying on the road half-naked with ink all over his body. Of course, the wedding had to be postponed because of what happened to him.


As if Ai’s problems are not enough, the car driver’s insurance company deemed Ai responsible for the accident. They then demanded that Ai pay the sum of 30,000 yuan ($4,370) for the car’s damages. Ai, however, did the obvious next step, he is now suing his friends for the wedding hazing so that he can pay for the damages to the car. Suffice to say, he won’t be having him usual best men at his wedding.

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