Bride Asked Guests To Wear Blindfolds On Wedding, Her Reason Will Warm Your Heart

wear blindfolds
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Marriages and weddings often do not go as planned. After all, life is unpredictable, all we can do is adapt. As for weddings, well, some brides tend to be controlling to pretty much everyone involved in the ceremony, often to catastrophic lengths. However, when one bride asked her guests to wear blindfolds on her wedding for the most beautiful of reasons, well, she deserves to be given a pass.


Australian bride Stephanie Campbell is not like the bridezillas who try to make their wedding “beautiful” only to end up destroying them. You see, Stephanie wanted her wedding guests to wear blindfolds despite all the pretty scenery and expensive venue. Her reason? She is a blind person and she wanted people to be “present” in her wedding.

wear blindfolds
Photo by Goodfullness

Additionally, she wanted people to inspire how to work things out differently if things don’t always go their way. So prior to being walked down the aisle, all the guests put on their blindfolds up until the wedding vows. It worked and suffice to say, everyone at Stephanie’s wedding experienced one of the most unique and involving weddings ever.

“You could have heard a pin drop as everyone was so ‘present’ and Steph got to know that in that moment, everyone was right by her side,” according to one of the guests.


As for how Stephanie became blind, she inherited a condition from her family called cone-rod dystrophy. She began losing her vision as early as her teenage years and by the time she was an adult, she was already blind. Still, this did not prevent her from finding a suitable husband which would take care of her unconditionally, love is blind, after all.

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