After Bird Box Challenge Craze, Someone Finally Wore A Blindfold… While Driving

while driving
Photo by Popsugar/Netflix

Look, we get it, Bird Box was awesome, Sandra Bullock is still hot, and post-apocalypse with blindfolds is the best thing ever since sliced bread. However, too much of a good thing is never healthy for you. It just so happens that too much Bird Box can result in the Bird Box challenge, one man even did that dangerous challenge… while driving.


Funny thing is, it hasn’t even been a whole week into 2019 yet and it appears we already have our best and brightest of the human race this early. Well, technically, the said man who wore a blindfold while driving did that on December 30, meaning he still fell into the 2018 category. Regardless, here is the video of the Bird Box challenge:

In case the video gets taken down or something before you can see it, it’s footage of a man filming from the passenger seat where he shows the driver wearing a blindfold while driving. They then try to recreate a memorable scene from Bird Box where the driver crashed the car upon seeing something scary.

It is not clear whether those two guys crashed or not but seeing as they were able to upload it, it can be assumed that they just pretended the car crashed by shouting and panicking. This is, perhaps, the most “daring” Bird Box challenge footage at the moment in a sea of many other dangerous stunts where people blindfold themselves and attempt to “survive” by walking around.

Netflix even had to issue a sincere warning against people who tried and are considering trying it just recently. But hey, it’s your precious life, feel free to do the Bird Brain– er, Box challenge any time.

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