#DudesGreetingDudes Shines Light On Dangers of Catcalling


When guys yell “compliments at passing women from the safety of their balconies, construction cranes, or fire escapes, telling them how “hot” they are, that they should “smile more”, and so one, seem to not be aware how dangerous this is for the women.


Why? Because this.

Trust us. Catcalling is just seconds away from verbal harassment. To what might turn into physical harassment. Even yes, rape.

This issue inspired Elon James White, CEO of This Week in Blackness to ask the question: so if this whole catcalling thing is just men giving compliments, why don’t they do it to other men?

Because Elon knows what’s really going on behind that “Hey babe! So pretty! Smile for me!”

Elon started the #DudesGreetingDudes Movement to shed light on the hypocrisy.

Elon White explains: “A woman was just killed for not accepting a man’s advances, but we’re going to pretend that our right to engage women unsolicited outweighs their right to feel safe? No.”

So, what would it sound like if catcalling men talked to other men the way they did to women?


“The right to approach women at any point in time no matter where they are is seen as a right by some men,” White elaborates. “And some of these dudes lack the most basic form of empathy to understand that our desire or intent doesn’t negate what that woman might be going through. Walking to the grocery store or to go pick up your kid shouldn’t be a gauntlet that you have to gear up for.”


And it’s not just about catcalling per se, too.


What about when the attention is unwanted?


Feel any better? Welcome to what women have to face every day. Catcalling needs to stop.



Featured image courtesy of Brandon
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