Sexercise Your Way to Wellness With Pornhub’s BangFit


If you’re reading this article right now, chances are you’ve been on the Internet for most of the day, either because of work, or because you just need something to pass the time. (No judgement from us, of course; we love having you here.) However, when was the last time you exercised? have you had your daily 30 minutes of movement lately?


If no, you’re not alone. Millions of people the world over are leading more and more sedentary lives, what with the fast pace of life and work courtesy of Ye Olde Internet. We work, eat, sleep, and if we’re lucky, rub one out or get jiggy with your partner of choice. But what of exercise?

PornHub now offers a delightful solution to working out, and making it twice as fun! Introducing BangFit, a “fitness method gyms don’t want you to know about”.


BangFit is the lovechild of the WiiFit and good old-fashioned porn-lovin’. All you need do is head to the site and choose your, ehem, “mode of play”. You next download the accompanying app through BangFit’s mobile site, and choose your gender by keying the code into your phone. From there, you’re treated a vigorous sexercise that times your strokes right: the better the timing, the higher the score. If you’re so inclined, you also get to post your progress on the website so you can brag about it with your friends. Quite social, non?


The game at present is still in its beta version, but will be rolling out more exciting functionalities and sexual preferences, soon (we hope). A BangFit belt will be offered as an accessory to make your sexercise more fun, but in the meantime, any DIY strap will do just fine. (The blog even recommends “Like you could tuck it into your strap-on if you’re feeling festive!”)

Will his get more Pornhubbers into the thick of fitness? We’l wait and see, but we sure can’t wait to hop in on the fun!

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