Twitter to Remove Links and Images From Character Count; Public Rejoices


Could this be it? Could the actually count be over?!

According to a Bloomberg report, Twitter may very well be on its way to removing photos and links to its character count limit, giving users more freedom with their tweets.

According to the source ho asked to remain anonymouse because the announcement isn’t yet public, it’s quite possible that the change may happen in the next two weeks. Links currently take up to 23 characters, so this could mean a bit more wiggle room for the witty. However, we’ve all got to keep it hush-hush in the meantime.

*us on the outside*


*us on the inside*

Naturally Twitter all over the world did not take this sitting down. Oh no. They jumped up, got their minds blown, and rolled all over the place.

They sang Twitter’s praises.

They felt the spirit of tweet count freedom move in them.

Time to get sassy.

And when we say “all over the world”, we do mean all over the world. Check out this tweet from Istanbul:

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And this one which, we can only guess, comes from the Middle Eastern area:

So far, Twitter has declined to comment, but that’s cool. we’ll be more than glad to wait this one out.


Featured image courtesy of Gratisography
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