#RIPTwitter? Users Freak Out Over Site’s Massive Changes


#RIPTwitter has trended to dizzying heights with the rumors circulating on the site about major change to the way users have enjoyed Twitter. After the euphoric high of #OneTeam, is Twitter now fated to crash for real? Let’s take a closer look at these two rumors and people’s reactions to them.

Goodbye 140 Characters?

Twitter has announced that it ill soon be launching its new product that will now allow users to post up to 10,000 characters long. Does this new-found promise of literary freedom be welcomed by the site’s userbase? Not quite so, it seems.

While some folks did recognize that this issue would die down as quicly as it started, a nnumber of Twitter virtuosos bemoaned the oncoming irrelevance of their finely-honed 140-character brevity. Don’t laugh; brevity is indeed the soul of wit.

Others, though, just seem to not really care either way.

Jack Dorsey assured the Twitterverse that nothing bad was gong to happen to their favorite brand of social media once this change goes up. it’s not so much as obliterating th 140-character limit as it is movin on toe the Phase 2 expnsin plan for it. Oh, and tweetstorms aren’t gong away anytime soon.

#RIPTwitter: Site to Resemble Facebook?

Due to a new algorithm to arrive anytime next week, Twitter may stop organizing tweets via reverse chronology and will instead adapt a Facebook-like style. Jack Dorsey endorsed it as “the most interesting and most relevant, most important thing that’s happening in your world,”, but users all over the world were already all over it with their boos and nays.

Some people just really wanted an Edit button. Or a way to cull too many DMs. Anything else, really; just not this… thing.

Some saw the potential troubles this could bring about.

Other folks are contemplating about taking their business and social branding elsewhere because of this change.

Or worse, deletion.

And what does Handsome Jack have to say about the hullabaoo?

Keep talking.

We’ll hold you to that, Jack. We’ve got our eyes on you.


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