Is The Price Of Your Netflix Subscription About To Increase?

Netflix is increasing the prices of subscriptions for some of their most loyal customers.

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Netflix recently announced that they’re going to raise prices again, using a “grandfather” process. Basically, the longer you’ve had a Netflix subscription, the longer it will be before your monthly bill goes up. The company has a history of rewarding the customers that are loyal to them, in May 2014 the price of a standard subscription for new subscribers increased to $8.99 then $9.99 last October. However, people that already had a plan with the company didn’t see their prices rise. But that’s about to change.

Beginning in May, the users who are still only paying $7.99 will begin to be moved into the $9.99 plan. But that might not be you, Business Insider reported that the changing prices will only affect about 37% of US customers. However, of those being affected, 80% did not know that the increase in prices was coming.

Right now Netflix subscriptions come in Basic (8$), Standard ($10), and Premium ($12). With the basic plan you can’t watch anything in HD and you can only be streaming on one screen at a time. The standard plan allows streaming on two screens simultaneously and the premium plan allows you to stream on four screens at one time, but I really pity you if you’ve given your password to three different people. That’s going to wreck your “recently watched” cue.

The company has stated that they expect some customers to cancel their Netflix subscriptions, one survey has 3-4% of users leaving, so this isn’t going to be such a big hit for the streaming giant. They’re expecting to keep most of the people affected by the increase in prices because the increase only affects those who have been with the company for a long time. And once you’ve had Netflix you can’t not have it.

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