Man Catcalls Women During An Interview About Anti-Catcalling In New York [Watch]

This guy.

An apparel company has recently posted some Anti-catcalling signs in New York City. Patrick Jones from Buzz60 went out to interview the public on this Anti-catcalling campaign and how they feel about catcalling women (or men).

Jones meets a guy who doesn’t realize it is an interview against catcalling and catcalls women on video during the interview. His reasoning once he figures out what this is… Hilariously awful.

“Another day ruined.”

Unknown man goes by his rapper name, Skam Dust. Just to give you some insight on this guy, his Twitter bio says “Professional Party Animal Unfiltered Vocalist Multi – Medium Artist.”

Jones said the entire interview lasted 3 minutes and 45 seconds. During the interview, Dust was bragging about how successful his cat calls, rather his “technique” is for him.

If you ever have enough spare time or are trying to procrastinate, sometimes the comment section of a YouTube video can be a goldmine.

One user described the catcalling man, “This guy seems like the type to borrow $20 and, instead of returning it, ask to borrow $50.”

And, “Look at that face. That is the face of a man that regrets absolutely nothing.”

This guy, who thinks he is famous now, has created shirts with his face and “The Original Catcaller” on them.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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