Women Share Stories of Assault and Abuse on #WhenIWas


#WhenIWas is a heart-breaking thread of intimate, painful stories, but are stories that should none the less be heard.

The hurt can start at an early age, simply with something such as “Oh, he likes you!” (Note: please don’t do this to your kids, Seriously, don’t. It just makes it okay for boys to hurt women on the pretense of “liking” her.)

Being on the streets can be a high-risk experience for a young girl. Don’t you dare tell me they’re to blame.

And things don’t get any better in school.

Trust is shattered when the assault happens right at home, with people you think will be the last people to do these things to you.

When the very figures of authority who should be protecting you turn their backs on you and say it’s your fault, this is victim-blaming.

Some women can’t even bring themselves to tell their story, with the pain still too fresh — and understanding full well the social repercussions of speaking out.

Rape culture still exits. This needs to stop.

Feature image courtesy of Counselling
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