Dog Sitter Caught On Camera Allegedly Having Sex With Boyfriend In Client’s Home

Photo by ABC7 News Bay Area

Dogs can be just as demanding as children and need to be taken care of in a similar manner. That’s why dog and other pet sitters exist just as babysitters do. However, leaving them in the care of strangers might not be the best for them. One dog sitter even took advantage of the situation and invited over her boyfriend for an “added challenge” in her sitting work.

26-year-old Casey Brengle from California, US was the dog sitter in question. She was actually hired by dog owner Rosie Brown who was out to attend her cousin’s wedding which took four days. Brown found Brengle through an app called Wag! which offers the services of dog sitter professionals. Little did Brown know, Brengle was up to something.

Apparently, Brengle knew that security cameras were present in Brown’s home, but this did not deter the dog sitter from inviting over her boyfriend for the most obvious of reasons. Their act of copulation was not exactly caught on camera, only what appears to be foreplay and kissing, as well as Brengle coming out from one of the rooms fully naked.

Additionally, Brengle can be heard shouting and calling one of the dogs she was supposed to care for a “b*tch” and only taking them out five minutes a day for potty walks instead of what she agreed on for the total price of $315. Despite being caught on camera, Brengle still tried to justify her actions:

As a result, Brengle was suspended by Wag! for not following the app’s Community Guidelines and for not acting professionally.

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