Clever Dog Finds A Way To Combat Heat Using Public Fountain

Photo by YouTube/Viral Press

Necessity is the mother of invention and us mammals were blessed with a brain to use in order to find ways of achieving something… or at least finding ways of getting whatever it is. Next to what humans have improvised with, however, not many animals can come close, save perhaps for one dog, who made a Jacuzzi out of a public fountain.


Spring may just be starting in countries near the north pole, but it is already scorching hot in countries near the equator. Thailand is no exception, it’s a country whose hottest recorded temperature is 44.6 degrees Celsius. Even now, daytime temperatures there go as high as 35C. That’s quite annoying for humans, and for dogs, that’s hell since they can’t sweat it out. So, one clever dog did this:

He was a stray but any owner worth his salt would have named the good boi Leonardo Dog Vinci for his contributions to dogge-kind. The said mixed breed dog apparently couldn’t resist the bubbly delight of the porcelain public fountain in the hot Southeast Asian day. The said footage was taken by a driver named Natthawut Holiang who found the dog just chilling in its makeshift Jacuzzi.


“The dog looked so pleased with himself. I think he was happy that he’d found a nice place to stay cool. It was so hot that day,” recalled Holiang. Still, this is not the first time that a dog has improvised using human structures. Another one was actually spotted in Turkey using an automated car wash scrubber to give herself some automated pets and rubs.

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