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How to Protect Yourself When Buying a Used Smartphone

For people looking to upgrade their smartphones, buying a brand-new one is always the most desired option. But to counter economic challenges, a used smartphone is just as good if you know what, how, and where to look for one. A lot of these transactions are now done online, unless you’re buying from a friend […]

Thunderdogs – A Gamer’s Best Friend

Whether you’re an animal person or not, you can’t deny the impact dogs have had on human society. As companions, coworkers and even combatants in darker days, dogs have been by our side since civilization began. It’s hard to imagine a world without humans, but it’s even harder to imagine one without dogs.

Why You Should Use a Gimbal to Shoot Video with a Smartphone

It wasn’t too long ago when everyone on social media started to shoot video using their smartphone and posting them for all their friends to see. You probably did, too, sharing every significant event in your life, like eating at a fast-food joint. Video replaced still photos and ruled social networks, no matter that lighting […]

WWIII Goes Digital – The Battle of the SERPS

For years now, politicians and political analysts have been predicting that we are just a heartbeat away from WWIII. With so many countries literally at ‘war’ with each other with sanction after sanction, you’d expect the war to be nuclear – and in a way it is.

“A Star Is Born” Movie a Hit Despite Controversies

The weekend box office for the opening of the 2018 “A Star is Born” remake reached a gratifying $43 million, not unexpectedly, or out of curiosity, it being Bradley Cooper’s directorial launch and Lady Gaga’s rare entry into films. A month after its initial release on Oct. 5, it has grossed a worldwide box office […]

How to Grow A YouTube Channel Without Burning Out

There was a time when one viral video can help establish a YouTube creator. However, today, in order to make a viable living on the platform, creators are expected to publish content consistently and build an audience through authenticity and trust. The pressure to churn out video content that an audience will be interested has […]

Driving Traffic to Your Website for Profit

Targeted traffic for a website is where the rubber meets the road for website owners. Getting those consumers where you want them gives the site a chance to generate revenue and hopefully profits through the sale of goods, advertising and follow-up marketing over email. Here are some tactics to help drive more traffic to your […]