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How the #MeToo Movement Impacted the Casino Industry

The #MeToo movement has sent shockwaves that are now changing the dynamics in workplaces and business environments. Even the casino industry is feeling this. Sexual misconduct in casinos is a reality the world has tolerated for so many years but a movement has finally made it clear enough is enough.

Strategic Tips for Local Governments on Social Media

Social media isn’t just a place for individuals and businesses; local governments can use their pages to generate interest in events, make announcements, and help stay in contact with the community. According to a study published in Public Relations Review, social media use can even help local governments control a crisis by improving contact between […]

How Much Should I Spend on Social Media Advertising?

Social media is a great way to reach a new audience and keep in touch with your existing one. There are a variety of ways to market on social media and you have to figure out what kind of marketing you want to do before you set a budget. Of course, there isn’t a single […]

Goodbye Macbook Air? Things You Need to Know about the New Macbook

Apple will be releasing a brand new MacBook Air in the second half of 2018. It is intended to replace the current 13-inch MacBook Air, which is Apple’s most affordable notebook at $999. Apple’s long-term plan is to replace the MacBook Air with current MacBook version the company is building.

Top 5 Social Media Strategies to Strengthen Your Brand

Social media is the biggest platform for building a brand for any business. One of the major reasons for it is an extremely large community who can better be segregated according to their tastes and preferences. Additionally, the large majority of social media channels allow everything that is engaging an average customer from interesting business […]

Increased Wariness About Prolonged Dictatorship in China

Shockwaves have been felt around the world following reports of the abolition of term limits for the presidency of the People’s Republic of China. The Communist Party, which currently has complete effective control of China, proposed a revision to the Constitution to eliminate the limit to the president’s term in office. The key points of […]

How Social Media Can Predict Poll Results

Recent elections have shown that conventional poll predictions are giving out erroneous forecasts, with actual results coming out as the opposite of what pollsters had indicated. On June 8, 2017, in the UK snap election, the Conservatives of Prime Minister Theresa May narrowly won but lost its majority, resulting in a hung Parliament. Opinion polls […]

XMind – Mind Mapping Software

Getting organized is the hardest part of any project — especially when you’re working with something as complicated as your social profile. Mind mapping is a way to organize your thoughts and ideas that can help you keep things in line while still branching out to expand your project. Xmind is one software that can […]