Trump’s People Who Lied About Their Roles in the Trump-Russia Collusion

The investigation into the Trump-Russia collusion is being hampered by the numerous lies coming from people allegedly involved in the Russian meddling of the 2016 elections. In October, Special Counsel Robert Mueller unsealed documents of George Papadopoulos admitting to having lied to the FBI. But Trump’s former foreign policy advisor is only one of the […]

3 Things To Expect If Democrats Win In 2018

The 2018 US midterm elections is predicted to be hotly contested, in light of the sweeping wins by Democrats in the recent Virginia and New Jersey polls. Their victory is seen as a rejection of President Trump and disapproval of his performance. The same sentiment could carry on into the federal elections next year, with […]

How Will The Findings of The Mueller Investigation Affect the Presidency?

Robert Mueller, the no-nonsense former FBI boss and decorated Marine officer in the Vietnam War, has been special counsel since May 2017, tasked to investigate whether the Russians meddled in the 2016 elections and helped Trump win over Democratic candidate Clinton. This far into the investigation, a key element uncommon in political issues is the […]

Will China Finally Surpass The US To Become The Next Superpower

The United States is undeniably the only superpower in the world today. But until a few decades ago, it wasn’t so. America, the Soviet Union and the British Empire were once rivals for that hegemonic position. Today, the US’ biggest competition for superpower status is China.

Yotpo Garners $50M in Round D Series, Bringing Total Funding to $101M

The social media space has never been more crucial for online businesses. Whether you like it or not, the integrity of your brand is at the mercy of the social community’s collective voice. And if you want to earn your audiences’ trust, then you need to establish social proof that your business is worthy of […]

The Best Snake Games to Play on the Web in 2017

Snake games capture the attention of millions of gamers every day. In 2017, Snake doesn’t have to be a solo affair; it can be a highly interactive arcade experience. There are countless Snake titles on the internet, many of which thrust players into the same arenas. These games have evolved drastically since the 1970s, when […]

How the Internet of Things Is Changing Social Media Marketing

The Internet of Things has already been named the next Industrial Revolution or the next Economic Revolution by experts. And it’s already revolutionising relationships between people and everyday devices. Kettles that set to boil before you walk in the front door and refrigerators that order your groceries for your when you’re running low are just […]

New Banksy Murals at the Barbican Explained on Instagram

Few artists make quite the international splash that Banksy does every time he pops up and leaves a work of art behind. Recently at the Barbican, he left two pieces to celebrate a showing of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s works. The Barbican is an arts and learning center in London. Even though Banksy is anonymous, he’s made […]