College Professor Shoots Self In School To Protest Against Trump; Faces Criminal Charges

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There are many ways to protest against authorities, they can involve violent and non-violent ways. However, hurting yourself in protest is not entirely unheard of, there are even some devoted activists which practice hunger strikes for an advocacy. Shooting yourself in an establishment full of teenagers as a protest, however, is an entirely different matter.

Unfortunately, one college sociology professor named Mark J. Bird, 69, did not think of that before doing it. Mark shot himself in the bathroom of College of Southern Nevada (CSN) in Las Vegas last month. A student even spotted him with a bleeding arm just outside the bathroom. It was Mark himself who admitted to a colleague that he shot himself as a protest against President Donald Trump.

Luckily, Mark’s injuries were not fatal and his treatment was quick and simple at a local hospital. However, soon after Mark’s wound was treated, he was charged with firing a handgun in a prohibited building, carrying a weapon without a permit, and possessing a dangerous weapon on school property. There’s also the fact that the did in school grounds and could have injured students.

As for why Mark decided that shooting himself was the correct way of protesting against Trump’s presidency, the details remain murky. The police, however, found a .22 caliber pistol, a $100 bill taped to a mirror, a note that reads “For the janitor,” and one shell casing in the crime scene. It appears that Mark only fired one bullet. Meanwhile, parents of the students studying in CSN raised their concerns and are fearing for the safety of their children because of what they perceived as college staff with some serious mental issues.

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