Ultimate Bridezilla Spent $92,000 to Wed Same Guy Five Times

Ultimate Bridezilla Spent $92,000 to Wed Same Guy Five Times

The internet thought it had finally found the ultimate bridezilla earlier this month, when a Canadian woman cancelled her wedding because guests refused to donate $1,500 each towards the bill.

Taking to Facebook to share the news, Susan explained how her $60K dream wedding in Aruba fell apart after guests declined to pony up the dough for the “once in a lifetime party.” Her relationship also broke down as a result, but after reading her entitled post, no one seemed to feel very sorry for her.

Unbelievably, it looks like there’s a bride out there that can top that tale, except this one is getting everything she wants.

UK-based Sandra Igwe had loved ones pay £2,500 (roughly $3,300) each to attend her nupitals. The self-confessed bridezilla actually had five wedding ceremonies (all with the same guy) and ordered 13 dresses, totalling a whopping £70,000 ($92,000).

Appearing on British talk show This Morning, Sandra told hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield that she had been intent on having the perfect wedding, and that she wouldn’t let anybody stop her dream from becoming a reality.

“I wanted to have the perfect wedding,” she said. “I thought actually, I want it here but I also want it there and I want it there, so I thought why can’t I have it all?”

Ultimate Bridezilla Spends £70,000 on Five Ceremonies, All to Wed the Same Man
Sandra during her appearance on British talk show This Morning

Her first two ceremonies took place in native Nigeria, including one in her father’s village. Her friends and family each paid £2,500 to be guests, with one taking out a loan that they’re still paying off.

“I wanted my best friends there. I wanted my family there.

“I wanted everyone there to celebrate an amazing day of my life and I wanted them to come to the village.

“I wanted them to be involved, and yes obviously money was a factor.”

The other locations included a beach wedding, a registery office in Coventry, UK, and a blow out bash at the luxurious Grosvenor House in London.

Ultimate Bridezilla Spends £70,000 on Five Ceremonies, All to Wed the Same Man
Hosts Holly and Phil

When host Holly asked if she felt guilty asking her loved ones for so much money and putting them through so many different ceremonies, Igwe replied: “I would have done the same. I have done the same, so yeah I think it is completely fine.”

Guests were also expected to adhere to the bride’s demands, including only wearing blue and silver and clearing the dance floor when she was on it: “I’m Nigerian, when you come out into the dance floor it’s all eyes on you.

“So yes, I needed the dance floor for myself and also for my husband to dance the night away.”

Lets just say, we’re glad she’s not our friend!

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