Look What The Cat Dragged In: Feline Brings Home Bag Full Of Heroin And Cocaine

Photo by YouTube/MattShea

There are a lot of times where one must be compelled to say “good boy” (or girl) to their pets for an unexpected job well done. This also applies to cats despite not having the same enthusiasm to overperform like dogs. However, one cat brought home class A drugs to his owner, we’re talking about heroin and cocaine, I think we have a winner for the baddest good boy ever.

Photo by E Minor TV

This incident happened in St. Pauls in Bristol, U.K. where the owner (best left unnamed) found his/her cat curled up one morning around a bag. They then checked the bag and were shocked to see that it was filled with dozens of wraps of white and lilac-colored powder. They have been suggested by the Avon and Somerset Police to be crack cocaine and heroin with a street value of hundreds of pounds in the U.K.

So, presumably, one unfortunate U.K. drug dealer is going to get tortured by his supplier for missing a bag of drugs they left at a blind drop, probably. Meanwhile, the police have yet to analyze the contents of the wraps, but they strongly believe them to be the class A drugs they suspected because of the way they are tied.

Photo by DeviantArt

As for the cat, the owner stated that it was just going about its usual Sunday night exploration roam. Where it found the drugs, remains unknown. Still, the police were impressed at what the cat dragged in, they even jokingly considered training cats against the war on drugs. It was weird how the cat was not a suspect though, could’ve been a catnip deal gone wrong, who knows.

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