Where Will The Bernie Sanders Supporters Go?

In the wake of his announcement of support for Hillary, Bernie Sanders supporters are finding themselves in a dark place

bernie sanders supporters

Today we finally witnessed the inevitable, Bernie came out in support of Hillary Clinton and suspended his campaign as we all knew he would sooner or later and while Hillary’s speech had a lot of talking points appealing to Bernie Sanders supporters, the question that’s still looming in the air is who will they vote for? Trump was quick to jump on Sanders for backing Hillary.

And Bernie’s campaign was quick to respond.

Most Bernie Sanders supporters were behind the guy because he was a voice for the disenfranchised. Without trying to rationalize the psyche of somebody feeling the Bern, I will simply say that these people are kind of stuck in a rut at the moment in that they don’t know who to vote for. Will they vote for Hillary because she’s the democratic candidate? Will they vote for Trump because he’s not part of the establishment? Or will they pick a third-party candidate?

While a few Bernie supporters are begrudgingly finding their way to Hillary and a few others are pledging Donald, the Green Party’s candidate Jill Stein is seeing huge surges in her support numbers. That’s probably because her views align most closely with Bernie’s and while she running on a ticket that has historically backed environmental issues, she’s pushing towards social welfare issues that are almost identical to those that Sanders was known for. Here’s what she tweeted earlier.

One tweet suggested that Hillary put a bit of a mafioso spin on the endorsement

And even though the Sanders supporters know that this was inevitable, for a lot of them, it still feels like giving up.

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