There’s More Donald Trump And KKK News

Donald Trump recently tweeted out something that made the former leader of the KKK very happy.

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Donald Trump and the KKK aren’t exactly the same thing, you might hate the guy and think he’s a sexist and a racist but he’s not secretly running around with one of their pointy hats and burning crosses. Any way you split this apple, they’re more extreme that the Donald. But it still doesn’t look good that David Duke, the former leader of the Klan, is parading Trump as a savior of the white race and Trump’s only response is pretty much “eh, keep it down over there”.

A few months ago Duke pledged support for America’s prime demagogue and Trump came out on one occasion (like 48 hours later) and said “I disavow”. Then he went on CNN and played the “I don’t know” game. Though I know that Trump is an expert rhetorician and his strategists are top-notch, I’d love to see the explanation behind this clip.

Then, a few days ago, Trump put out a tweet with the Star of David in it. Somebody quickly figured out that it was a Star of David and David Duke quickly jumped on board with the hate-mongering. He sent out a slew of anti-Semitic tweets that endorsed Trump and tried to portray Hillary as being bought out completely by Jewish donors.

Trump changed the image up to a circle, but David Duke has since Tweeted out the original image.

Trump, of course, scapegoated the media. Which most experts are saying are his third favorite scapegoat, after Muslims and Mexicans.

Jewish people have reason to be offended not because Trump sent out the tweet and that it was anti-Semitic, but because it was shady enough that David Duke picked it up and ran with it and because Trump still hasn’t disavowed the string of Tweets that Duke has been spitting out with the hashtag #TrumpWasRight.

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