Professional Pokemon Go Trainers Making Money Off The New Craze

professional pokemon go trainers

So, you are obsessed with the new Pokemon Go game, but things like a job and family just keep getting in the way. No worries, professional Pokemon Go trainers are willing to do the hard work for you, but of course, it comes with a price.

One of these professional trainers is sharing her story with and explained that she is raking in the profits when it comes to the latest game. Meet Ivy St. Ive.

As the editor in chief of Brooklyn-based Silica magazine, she placed an ad in her publication for her services as a professional Pokemon Go trainer. For $20 an hour, Ivy promises to “help YOU become the very best.”

With a handful of clients and many potential ones, Ivy promises to make it worth you while and all you have to do is give her your Pokemon Go password.

“Hopefully you weren’t a total noob and used a fake gmail address when you signed up for this app because the surveillance is real,” she writes.

professional pokemon go trainers

She says she will spend her day walking around for one to four hours and capture the creatures, depending on what kind you want her to focus on. The game features different types, such as fire, water, etc. She will also provide hourly updates for the client, as well as training and strategy tips.

Although it has only been available for a short time in certain countries, Pokemon Go is one of the most popular apps on the market. In fact, it has already beaten out Snapchat, Twitter and Tinder. So, of course St. Ive has no shortage of potential clients. The surge of popularity doesn’t surprise St. Ive.

“My generation grew up with Pokémon, and the nostalgia factor of getting to relive our childhood fantasies in a virtual reality app is essentially what dreams are made of,” she said. “I’m just a girl who loves Pokémon and thought ‘What if I could get paid for all this time I’m sinking into this game?'”

In fact, St. Ive says the app is actually bringing people together.

“I have made random friends with so many people this week and seen so many new parts of the city that I would not have otherwise gone out and explored if it weren’t for this game.” she said.

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