Lonely Newlywed Goes on Honeymoon Alone, Copes Through Photos


Going on your Honeymoon should be fun, romantic, and memorable. Operative word being “should”. Unfortunately for Huma Mobin, things didn’t quite turn out that way — but she did get one out of those three requirements right.

Mobin had just tied the knot with her husband, and was all set to fly off into a romantic getaway with him. As ill luck would have had it, her husband’s visa didn’t push through in time for the trip. Luckily, her in-laws were still able to go on her Honeymoon with her, and helped this Pakistani lady snap a series of hilarious photos chronicling the things they did and the places they went to, “wish-you-were-here” style.

It’s not hard to see how much she misses her boo.


Because the poolside and that view ain’t just the same without him.




Dancing in the dark, all by herself. One is such a lonely number.


“What am I doing? Aw, nothing much, just chilling on these marble steps and missing my bae and nursing a savagely sad heart. How you doing?”


“I’ll have an order of Loneliness with  side dish of Why The Heck Is He Not Here.”


In another dimension, we’d be slow dancing to our favorite song right here, right now.


*internally screaming* becomes *externally screaming*.


“Near, far, wherever you are…. ahuhuuhuhuhuhu”


To add more tragedy to the honeymoon, Mobin dropped her phone in the middle of the ocean, never to be seen again.

Thankfully, Mobin and her husband still went on a second honeymoon to make their own non-boohoo memories. We certainly hope they had a great time the second time around!

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