Muslim Girl Counters Bacon Dis With How Awesome Muslim Food Is


You see, that’s one of the things that’s so awesome about . Whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or any kind of faith (or any kind of non-faith), food is always delicious, and brings happy people together. And if your faith says No to a certain kind of food, no problem! That’s what creativity and resourcefulness can do: make your meals delicious and take you on a flavor adventure.

That’s one thing Twitter user @a_leesha1 was rather proud about Muslim food. This was specially true when someone tried to dis her faith for not letting her enjoy bacon.

Here are closeups of the photos she posted.  At this point, we pity the fool. Like, how can you not love that spread?!




Fellow Muslims also chimed in on the joys of alternative bacon meat.

Felafel is love.

Felafel is life.

@a_leesha1 knows where we need to go — to deliciousness, and beyond.

Everything is tasty, and nothing hurts.

The tweet even opened up a great avenue for learning, which makes this post even better.

At this point, a lot of people started thinking “Bacon? Who cares! I want what she’s eating!”

The stakes got pretty high.

The lesson: enjoy your food, respect all, don’t dis anyone’s food.


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