Is Bernie Sanders Calling It Quits?

In the inevitable interview, Bernie Sanders essentially quits the race but says he's still in against Trump

bernie sanders quits

In a recent interview on C-SPAN (so we know nobody saw it), Bernie Sanders came as close as he will before November to calling it quits. At this point even die-hard Sanders supporters are having to come to terms with the fact that he’s not going to be the nominee. Though the Bernie Sanders Dank Meme Stash is still active, those guys have switched their focus from entirely being about Bernie to being about anything but Trump. Here’s a little clip of the interview, where we all had to come to that painful realization.

Though it’s almost over, Bernie makes the point that needed to be made, this campaign was about transforming the Democratic Party and establishing a more progressive branch of the party. It’s no secret that he got Hillary to change her tune or at least alter her rhetoric on things like a higher minimum wage and LGBT rights. We all remember those Democratic Debates when Hillary’s answers were basically “yeah, what Bernie said; except, I know Obama”.

Here’s a little Bernie Sanders throwback from a C-SPAN interview decades ago:

But the question that both candidates (Trump and Hillary) are asking is “who’s going to get the Bernie supporters?” The most logical answer is probably Hillary, though a few weeks ago Trump made this statement. Almost laughingly, Bernie supporters are about the only people that Trump is welcoming with open arms.

But Bernie wasn’t happy about this new statement that Trump made. He said simply that he believes most of the people that voted for him aren’t going to vote for Trump and that he’s going to do everything he can to make sure that Trump is not elected. But Trump’s rhetoric is actually pretty sound on this one, no matter how much you hate the guy. Sanders supporters feel ostracized by the political system, they got screwed over with the superdelegates and it feels like our votes don’t matter. Here is Bernie’s rebuttal to Trump statement that he’s welcoming Sanders supporters with open arms.

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