8 Political Promposals That Never Should Have Happened

Political Promposals

Prom season is just around the corner, and that means we’re in for another round of wildly inappropriate promposals in the media. High school romance these days has somehow gotten linked to blatant racism and awkward political humor, making for some seriously awful prom invites. Here are the political promposals that never should have happened.

1. Racism At Its Finest

Political Promposals

Yes, you read that sign correctly. The only reason the black woman in this photo could possibly be smiling is that she is either incredibly uncomfortable or hadn’t received the education needed at that point to understand just how insulting this promposal is. They weren’t the only ones to invite someone to prom referencing cotton picking though.

2. Someone Needs To Take American History Over

Political Promposals

This is what happens when the education system fails you. If you think this is okay, then perhaps the education system failed you as well.

3. Trump Them All

Political Promposals

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with incorporating Donald Trump into a promposal, it would help if the sign made more sense. It’s the thought that counts though, right?

4. Before Trump Deports You

Political Promposals

Only the high school generation growing up today would come up with the concept of a promposal and then do something like this. Hopefully, the illegal immigrant in this photo is the one hiding behind the flag. It would be a shame if a promposal gone viral is what led to them being detained by ICE.

5. Round Two

The thought of Trump having immigrants thrown into detention camps and deported may have seemed unrealistic back in 2016, but these days it’s happening on a daily basis. Hopefully, neither of the two in this photo are actually immigrants as it would be just a matter of time before ICE shows up at their front door.

6. Racial Stereotyping

Political Promposals

The look on this girl’s face says it all. Nothing depicts true love like racial stereotypes, am I right? And yes, that’s a box of KFC fried chicken and a watermelon in her arms, which just makes this promposal infinitely worse. Hopefully she said no.

7. Dark Meat

Political Promposals

Black women are not “dark meat.” They weren’t put here on this Earth to be your fetish. The only thing worse than the words on this sign are the crowns made of KFC boxes on their heads. This promposal is insulting in every sense of the word.

8. Deport You To Prom

Political Promposals

It’s one thing to make light of Trump’s immigration policies if you’re an immigrant, but it’s a whole other thing to do this as a white person. People who have been living in the United States their whole lives are living in fear, being harassed at work and forced to carry proof of citizenship with them everywhere. On top of that, ICE is only targeting Mexicans and Muslims, proving that it’s a racially motivated system. It’s hardly an appropriate subject for a promposal.

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