‘Drop Dead’ Gorgeous — Prom Date Arrives Inside Of Coffin [Photo]


It was her prom — and the term beautiful was an understatement — she was drop dead gorgeous.

Megan Flaherty from Pennsauken, New Jersey … attended her junior prom dolled up inside of a coffin on Saturday.

Some folks found the teen’s stunt to be distasteful, while others thought it was very wily; Photo: Pinterest

Flaherty was seen lying inside a giant wooden coffin, after being transported to the prom inside of a hearse.

Some individuals found her stunt to be distasteful, while others thought it was super crafty. When the doors opened up, the hearse operator was wearing both a top hat and tuxedo. Her date then slipped her coffin out.

The teen’s intentions however were strictly innocent and the whole charade was intended to be good fun. Her dream is to work inside of a mortuary, actually. After high school, she is planning to study Funeral Service and Mortuary Science.

This girl went all out for her prom entrance … but not like Megan!; Photo: Gifbin

Flaherty was spotted donning a blue dress as she gripped a bouquet of flowers. From what is understood, the coffin utilized was a prop.

Word of her scene swiftly spread across the internet and the high schooler became virtually famous. Her tale was later shared on various social media sites.

When she queried about her prom experience, she stated, “I like being different.”

The coffin was supplied by her friend, who she inspires to be like. At length, she would like to be a funeral director. The young male shown in the top hat, is her pal who helped her with the coffin disarray.

“Attention seeking at its worst,” one Facebooker wrote; Photo: Facebook

Many were clearly unhappy over this and criticized the teen on sites like YouTube, where her footage was first posted.

“Classless, tasteless, and insensitive,” one woman penned. “I am not surprised her goal is to be a funeral director. When she applies for the job, I am betting more than one funeral home will reject her for mocking the dead.”

“Attention seeking at its worst,” noted another.

“This is how ‘Elvira Mistress of the Dark’ went to prom. Except it was Elvira,” snarled another.

Susan Flaherty, Megan’s mother, later posted an account on Facebook. She remarked that her daughter meant “no disrespect.”


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