These Creative Promposals Will Blow You Away


Dear teens, you are just some of the most complex, unpredictable members of our human society. Sometimes, you sleep through the hugest commotions. Sometimes, you wrestle with old tech. and sometimes you blow us all away with something really amazing.

With prom rolling in, highschoolers are abuzz with their promposals, and each one just keeps getting more awesome and creative. Check out these gems below.

We all love a good minimalist promposal.

I’m a good girlfriend ?❤️??? #prom #crayons #promposal #crayola #cute #goodgirlfriend #purple #blue #cutecouple

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We want to know how he managed to get that exact shape right, and still keep the promposal a secret.

Aww how cute is this! #TSRPromposals!

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Don’t be throwing no shade in this direction.

Now this is creative! #TSRPromposals

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Positively melting from the cuteness over here.

A for effort on this setup — though your English teacher might want a word with you later on about your spelling, but no biggie.

There’s nothing quite like some good ol’ reference to that TV show you both love.

They’re just so adorable, we can forgive the guy for his humongous pun.

This promposal is just what the doctor ordered.

Clearly, this promposal is meant to raise your heart rate.

Yay for ladies who aren’t afraid to look silly and ask their favorite dude out to prom!

When Drake says so, it is so. Drake plus balloons and glitter writing? How can anyone say No?

And when things just don’t work out, well … You can always take yourself out to the prom.

Feature image courtesy of Teresa Heiberg
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