Just Desserts? US Inmates Sue Prison Over Mice, Maggots, & Mold

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Prison is not really supposed to be a happy place but we would do well to remember that prisoners are still humans and not all of them are really criminals, per se. Regardless, they do have rights, and some US inmates chose to enact upon such rights by suing the very prison that houses them due to disturbingly unsanitary conditions of the facility.


Time has not exactly been kind to the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison in the city of Corcoran, California, US. Apparently, the said facility has some serious infrastructure decay problems. In fact, the US inmates residing in the facility have frequently seen maggots and mice falling from the decrepit ceiling onto their dining tables.


The problem does not stop there, however; the walls were also covered in mold as a result of ceiling leaks which let rainwater and even bird droppings pass through. Hence, Robert Escareno, one of the US inmates, has had enough and spearheaded the filing of a lawsuit against the prison management.


That isn’t to say that the prison authorities don’t know the problem exists, they actually do but claim that the prisoners are to blame. According to them, the inmates toss or store food into the ventilation system through ceiling openings and this in turn, attracts pests. Apparently, the inmates also use this method to brew alcohol or other illegal beverages in the prison.


The authorities did admit that the ceiling leaks were their responsibility and a failure on their part, “Roofs are failing all over the place. [The authorities] acknowledge the need of the roofs, [but] they’re not making arrangements so people don’t get hurt in the meantime,” said Don Specter, the director of the non-profit Prison Law Office, he also represents Escareno.


It has been estimated that repairs alone will cost around $1 billion, the problem is, other prisons have the similar issues.

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