Convict Shares Pictures Of Prison Meals And Claims He’d ‘Rather Starve’

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An inmate has been snapping photos of his prison meals and forwarding them to a newspaper, alleging they are ‘worse than dog food’.

via The Girl Sun; One of the prison meals

The unidentified man, who is locked down in category C HMP Risley, sent a plethora of images to the Manchester Evening News illustrating a range of meals including pizza, fish and chips, and (something that appears to be) meat patties.

He informed the news outlet he would ‘rather starve’ than consume the grub and states it’s worse than what might be fed to a domestic pet. The pictures – which must have been snapped and shared with a smuggled-in, illegal, phone – highlight an exhibit of rather dismal-looking meals, featuring chips more often than not.

One photograph displays an interesting combo of beans, pasta and chicken burgers; another features beans, pizza, and chips, and a third meal boasts chips and chopped liver. The Ministry of Justice was sent the images and responded by saying all meals furnished in the prison meet ‘nutritional guidelines’.

via Leeds Live

A prison spokesperson said in a statement: “All prisoners are offered fruit and vegetables as part of three healthy meals a day, which meet nutritional guidelines set out by the Food Standards Agency and the Department of Health. We are investigating these pictures and any prisoner found using a mobile can face extra time behind bars.” Accordant to the latest estimates from the Ministry of Justice, $1.31 is allotted to feed each inmate per day.

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