29% Of Students Would Accept Lower Salary For Social Media Rights [Infographic]

social media vs salary requirements

College students would rather leave school with massive debt but a lower paying job if it meant they could use social media services while at work. That’s the main focus of a new study conducted by the team at OnlineCollegeCourses.com.

The study found that 6% of students “couldn’t live without” social media access at work while 31% said they could live without that access but would struggle throughout the day.

While we are fanatically inclined to everything internet base we can’t agree with the 1 in 3 students who listed social media access to be just as important as air, food, shelter, and water.

The most shocking part of the study found that 29% of students would be willing to take a lower paying job if full social media access was given to them. Those same respondents go on to admit that social media would distract them from work at least 3 times per hour.

27% of respondents said they would seek higher paying jobs and then find ways to access Facebook, Twitter and social media platforms even if not allowed by their employer.

Social Media Vs Job Benefits



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