You Can Now Get Six Pack Abs Through A Surgery

Photo by Facebook/Masterpiece Hospital

One of the biggest grinds before summer is getting an aesthetically “ideal” physique for that beach body you always wanted. This can be hard for people who do not have physical or athletic dispositions in life. Thankfully, like most beautiful things in the modern world, you can now fake a great body, starting with six-pack abs– now being offered through a surgery.

It all takes place in Thailand, that figures. A surgery business named Masterpiece Hospital is offering anyone a chance to get six-pack abs without doing exercise or diet for them. They’re also not your typical silicone injections on the abs just to make them pop out more. No, Masterpiece Hospital “etches” the abs, which is as bloody as it sounds.

The difference from silicone injections is that fake six-pack abs done this way last longer and look more natural. It removes some of the fat around the abdomen too. While the procedure looks painful, Masterpiece Hospital assures everyone that it doesn’t hurt.

Surprisingly, a lot of the surgery hospital’s patients are actually people who already workout but find their belly fat too stubborn. According to Raweewat Maschamado, CEO of Masterpiece Hospital, “In order to naturally get a six-pack, one needs to work out as well as get lean. Most of our clients come in with a lot of muscle, they just want to save themselves months of leaning down.”

The procedure costs 120,000 Thai Baht or $3800 and the recovery appears to be quite gruesome and not exactly for the squeamish:

Photo by Facebook/Masterpiece Hospital


“We’ve been doing this for about three to four years now. We get anywhere from 20 to 30 customers requesting a six-pack every month,” claimed Maschamado. In addition to six-pack abs, Masterpiece Hospital also offers cosmetic surgery for other body parts such as boob jobs, nose jobs, eyelids, and more. They assure everyone that they have an official license.

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