$50,000 Powerball Ticket Claimed After Cat Hid It For 2 Months


A lotto winner claimed a $50,000 Powerball prize 2 months after the drawing and furnished a reason for the delay — the ticket had been stashed by her cat.

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The Baltimore woman, 67, explained to Maryland Lottery officials the $2 quick-pick ticket was one of various Powerball tickets she bought for the Feb. 23 drawing on West 41st Street in Baltimore at the Giant store. The woman stated for safekeeping she placed the tickets on her nightstand. “When I buy Lottery tickets, I never watch the drawings or even check to see if I won until a few days later,” she expressed. “What I didn’t know is that after my cat knocked some papers off my nightstand, a few of my tickets ended up falling behind my bed. I didn’t see the additional papers behind my bed until I did some spring cleaning.”

The woman noted to check the tickets she utilized the Maryland Lottery app. “To my surprise, one of them was a winner!” The woman went to the lottery headquarters in Baltimore to collect her $50,000 prize. “I don’t have big plans for the money,” she added. “I will pay off some home improvement projects and donate 10 percent to my church. I will use some of this money to help people.”

The latest lottery system where the balls are drawn from two distinct drums make the Powerball one of the most difficult lotteries on the planet. Winning the Powerball jackpot surely requires much luck. That in mind, you’re more likely to become the next US president, become a renowned movie star, get hit by lightning randomly, or all of these combined, than win the Powerball! Crazy, right! Even if you opt to join forces with let’s say 200 other lottery players who are extremely enthusiastic about the Powerball, you’re still not even close to the grand prize.


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