Satanic Temple Sues City After Officials Retract Permission For Devil Statue

Photo by Facebook/The Satanic Temple

All hell breaks loose usually whenever free speech censorship is concerned regardless of which group or faction is being censored. However, in one city in the US, it’s actually the servants of hell, called Satanists, which are on the receiving end of such suppression. As a result, the local Satanic Temple is now suing the city.

Belle Plaine in Minnesota, US is the city in question. The city officials and regular citizens have earned the ire of the district’s Satanic Temple after they withdrew the permission they give to the Satanists which allows them to raise a statue for the glory of Satan— a literal demonic monument in the city Belle Plaine.

Now, the said Satanic Temple is suing Belle Plaine and putting its lawyers to good use. Bruce Fein, the lawyer representing the Satanists has something to say to the city officials, “As you well know, you can’t decide to suppress speech just because hecklers didn’t like it.”

Meanwhile, Malcolm Jarry, one of the co-founders of the Satanic Temple group has similar sentiments. He claimed that the hecklers and other citizens have the right to protest, but that shouldn’t result in the violation of the organization’s civil rights.

Prior to this, the Satanic Temple has had several heated arguments with the city. Two years ago, the group protested the gesture of painting crosses on a statue of a soldier praying over a grave for veterans. The Satanic group argued that this violates the separation of church and state.

They also proposed a war memorial of their own which includes a pentagram instead of crosses but it was rejected by the city. At the moment, the legal battle between the Satanic Temple and the city of Belle Plaine is still ongoing.

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