Man Digs Underground Tunnel To Spy On Ex-Girlfriend, Gets Stuck In It

Photo by Comuni-K Sonora

Breakups can be hard especially if the other person is not ready to let go or move on. Oftentimes, they do drastic actions just to try and win back their ex, other times, they go insane and resort to the unthinkable. One man in Mexico did; he dug an underground tunnel just so he could spy on his ex-girlfriend, but it did no go smoothly and he got stuck there.

50-year-old Cesar Arnoldo Gomez from Oriente, Puerto Penasco, Mexico probably wasn’t a positively healthy partner anymore. Apparently, his girlfriend of 14 years, Griselda Santillan, 58, dumped him because he was too jealous– a valid grounds for a breakup for most people. For Gomez? Nope. He couldn’t keep away from his ex.

Hence, Gomez went outside Santillan’s house one day (or night) and dug himself an underground tunnel, unbeknownst to Santillan. That isn’t to say she never heard anything suspicious near her home. In fact, Santillan has been hearing some weird noises outside her home for a week. She initially thought it was just some stray animals but the noises got more intense, prompting her to investigate.

“I asked a neighbor to look inside and they said there was nothing there, but then I noticed some shoes, tools, and water. I shouted at him to get out, but he did not do anything,” recalled Santillan. Here’s the hole Gomez dug:

Photo by Comuni-K Sonora

Santillan had to seek help from Red Cross Staff and firefighters to get Gomez out of the underground tunnel. However, Gomez didn’t want to and had to be dragged out. Rescuers later revealed that Gomez had been stuck in his underground tunnel for more than 24 hours, making his extraction quite difficult.

After being rescued, Gomez was taken to a hospital to be treated for dehydration. Gomez also breached Santillan’s restraining order on him, which prohibited him from coming near her. Hopefully, the next time Gomez digs something, it would be to bury his memories with Santilla instead of more underground tunnels.

Photo by Comuni-K Sonora

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