Who Is That Weird Satanist Guy?! [Video]

A number of weeks ago, we covered the unveiling of a Satanist statue in Detroit, one of the biggest events to happen in public in honor of an underground, controversial practice and work of art. Hundreds flocked to the gathering, passive, calm, and steadfast in their solemn belief of the worship of the self, celebrating what they ascribe as the ultimate freedom of religion.

And then, you have this guy.

We’re not entirely sure if he’s taking this whole thing seriously over if he’s just really, really serious about it. The lady behind him in the flower headdress certainly seems to be over it, but we just can’t. We just can’t bring ourselves to get over it. He had us at “notice me, sempai; notice me!”

God-level troll, or just a dudebro who had one too many smokes? Just who is this weird satanist guy?!

Turns out this, er, rather effusive and dramatic character is a rather brilliant and hilarious tongue-in-cheek performance. “Onyx the Fortuitous” is a character created and performed by Andrew Bowser, making the rounds in comic and gaming conventions. He’s made such a strong and lasting impression on many a con-goer, that it’s metted him a spot on The Nerdist roster as a video director and editor.

With his deft editing skills and absurd humor, Bowser’s certainly got us by the nose — he’d spliced himself into a real news program seamlessly as you please. In his other videos, he paints himself as the over-zealous socially-awkward con guy who might be taking his issues way too hard than what’s healthy for him — or anyone around, for that matter.

Andrew Bowser AKA Onyx The fortuitous will be hosting an AMA on Reddit this week, so if you’ve had any burning questions for him after watching these two videos, head on over. He’d be delighted, nay, enthralled, verily so.

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