Botched Breast Surgery Gives Woman Two Different-Sized Boobs

Photo by Dr. Axe

Pain and suffering are two concepts not usually related to beauty, but then society happened and everyone started subjecting themselves to all kinds of self-inflicted torture for the sake of being “ideal.” One woman was no exception to this and she is now suffering two different boob sizes all because of a botched breast surgery.

Holly McCulloch wanted a bigger bust and even went abroad just to get breast surgery. She went to Turkey for medical tourism for the breast surgery which also came with a five-day inclusive villa stay– all for £2,700 ($3,500). McCulloch actually went all out and was given G-cup breasts after the operation.

“I’ve been self-conscious about my boobs for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been really flat-chested and it’s something that began to really bring me down as I got older,” explained the woman. Here she was before any surgery:

Photo by SNWS

However, she woke up in agony after the operation and was rushed to a hospital to have her implants immediately removed. One would think that McCulloch has had enough, but she actually returned to the very same clinic five months later for the same breast surgery. This time, she got herself some D-cup breasts.

Guess what happened? On her way home, McCulloch felt aching in one of her breasts so she went to the hospital once the flight was over. Doctors soon discovered that she had an infection in one boob due to a blister that even turned black:

Photo by SNWS

McCulloch was left with no choice as the infection would have killed her, so it was removed along with the implant– now, one of her breasts is a B-cup while the other is a D-cup:

Photo by SNWS

She was discharged days later after the successful operation, where she is now waiting for private breast surgery on the smaller breast.

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