Woman Shares Crazy Text Rant From Tinder Date After Saying No To Sex

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For some, a Tinder date has become a way to find a quick hook-up. However, some still use the dating app in hopes of finding someone to have a decent date with. No matter what the reason though, most Tinder dates result in a epic story, usually ending with one of the individuals not taking a hint.

The latest Tinder date from Hell story comes via Arielle Musa. The Rutgers University student agreed to meet up with her newest Tinder match, “Endri,” to grab some drinks. The date was going well until Musa declined Endri’s offer to take the fun into his bedroom. Musa’s polite decline spurred Endri to go on an abusive text message rant after the date was over. Her screenshots of the conversation were shared by a friend via Twitter and quickly went viral.

TInder date from hell

It seem Endri doesn’t take rejection very well. His texts start calm and then quickly escalate into anger, at one point he even uses racial slurs.

“This sucks, I really want to hook up with you,” Endri writes. “Why are you being like that. You seem like a girl that seeks pleasure so why don’t we just hook up?”

After repeatedly telling Endri that it is her decision to say no and even apologizing, the Tinder date from Hell gets enraged.

tinder date

“Why are you so stuck up? Do you think you’re better than me?” Endri continues. “That’s clearly the reason. You’re the type of girl I would f*** but never be in a relationship with. Enjoy your youth because once you get used up nobody will want you and you will be alone forever. Squinty eyed g***.”

Endri text

Of course, Endri doesn’t stop there. He continues to claim that Musa was obligated to have sex with him because he took her out on a date and spent money and time on her. Is this guy serious?!

“Gettin gmy nut of[f] is a big deal. I have my manly needs. I also spent 30 dollars on tolls, spent gas money, bought your poor ass drinks, and spent my time just so you could turn around and do this,” Endri rants. “You told me you were into sexual things before we met. And I didn’t do anything crazy to make you turn on me all of the sudden. You clearly don’t respect other people or yourself so you can f*** off B****.”

He continues to berate her by calling her names and demanding she pay him back. Musa tells him she is going to post this on social media and he completely loses it.

Endri text

“Attention w**** do that. Hope you get lots of likes so your miserable life can feel a false sense of validation. F*** off don’t text me anymore. Delete my number.”

Despite telling Musa to lose his number, he continues. You know, because psychos don’t know when to stop.

Endri text

“How many quality guys want you? Educated, family oriented, kind hearted, have their life in order, are not crackheads. Zero,” the crazy Tinder date continues. “You’re the type of girl we use to jerk off with then have our real quality woman on the side.

Musa is unfazed by this idiotic guy’s abuse. She shoots back that his words don’t hurt her feelings because she doesn’t care about what he has to say.

“Yeah because your ego won’t allow you to accept reality. I’m very smart. I can tell a low life when I see one. Trust me. Your family doesn’t even love you.”

Endri text

Kudos to Musa for ignoring this creep’s attempts to hurt her feelings. And snaps to her friend who shared the convo to Twitter with the message, “Y’all, my friend went on a date with some psychopath. This is why I rarely go on dates. Men feel so entitled.”

We sure hope that Endri has realized how big of douche he is. If not, maybe the more than 13,000 likes and 11,000 retweets will get the message across.

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