Tinder Date Breakup Causes Woman To Go On Crazy Text Rant

tinder gone wrong
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Tinder, a place where anything is possible. You could meet your soulmate, a steamy hookup or even a celebrity. Heck, you could even just use it for some free food. Unfortunately for some, a Tinder date doesn’t always lead to the road of happily ever after. For one man, it lead right to the road to crazy town. Population, his latest Tinder date. His incident happened a couple of months ago, but has recently been thrusted back into the social media spotlight.

Breaking up is hard to do, and especially hard if you are a bit on the crazy side. One man showed the Internet just how crazy some women can be after his Tinder match-gone-wrong. The unnamed man explained how he had been killing time on Tinder when he was matched up with a girl who seemed like an interesting date. They began texting and eventually went out on a date. The man says there was plenty of red flags, but he ignored them and gave her the benefit of the doubt. This would come back to bite him in the ass… seriously.

On Imgur, he gave a quick backstory:

“Messing around on Tinder for a bit of distraction during a crazy stretch at work. Match with this woman. Texted a little bit. Probably should’ve seen a few red flags (e.g., sending a 7:00 a.m. chasing text the next day because hers was the last message in the text chain from the night before, and I hadn’t yet responded), but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt–particularly over text, as things can come across in ways other than as intended.

Anyway, we make plans to meet up for an afternoon drink over the weekend. Had a little walk through the local park, a couple of pints at a nearby pub, nice conversation, etc. (Again, probably should’ve picked up on a few signs, but she was clearly a bit nervous and–again–benefit of the doubt. And we had a nice talk and a nice time.) A quick goodbye kiss on the sidewalk at the end, but nothing more.

She started texting afterwards, and–apparently–wasn’t pleased with the speed of some of my responses. (Was a busy weekend.) After a couple of further chasing texts–the last one of which was pretty snarky–it was clear to me that this wasn’t going to work. (Insecurity, for me, is THE deal-breaker.) But we’d had a nice time, and she seemed like a nice woman, so I decided to send her a message explaining that I didn’t think it was going to work and wishing her the best.

The next morning, I woke up to this absolutely epic text rant. I’m not a big online sharer, but this was enough to jolt me out of my years of lurkerhood. I knew you guys would appreciate the legendary craziness. Enjoy…”

Enjoy we will.

After her snarky comment about not replying, the man sent her this text message.

Tinder gone wrong

Well, that really set her off.

Tinder gone wrong

Then, she started in on the insults.

tinder gone wrong

From his intelligence to his wardrobe. This woman is straight cray.

tinder gone wrong

He responded with two words. “Wow, classy.” I’m pretty sure that made her even more upset and she began another rant.

tinder gone wrong

More insulting.

tinder gone wrong

Then, as if there wasn’t any more crazy to go around. She texted him again the NEXT day with more insulting.

tinder gone wrong

Just some advice, don’t be this woman. Tinder is meant for dating, not love at first sight soulmate finding. She should be happy he didn’t just lead her on.

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