This Man’s Tinder Chats Are Downright Hilarious


We’ve heard of our fair share of horror stories on Tinder —the nasty comments, crazy text rants, and the sudden unexplained account deletions.  Love don’t come easy on this social matchmaking app.

Then again, you do sometimes luck out on some guys who just know the right thing to say — and the right thing to say is always hilarious. Like this one Tinderite, for example.

While we do always want to look our best, there’s also something to be said about the value of prudence.



We certainly can’t fault him for being honest about his goals.


Talking dirty? Oooh,, baby, gimme some more of that.


He certainly has unique ideas for first dates, I’ll give him that. (They might want to stock up on towels for this one, though.)


Truly, there is nothing more romantic than aggressively correcting the spelling of that girl you’re trying to impress. Solid gold.


A sense of mystery (and an impressive vocabulary) is key to finding and wooing the Tinder girl of your dreams.


A keen interest in interior decorating is also a big plus.


Cryptozoology is an excellent subject for pre-date discussions. Be sure to have a keen understanding of how to find the ever-elusive “little man in the boat”.


Lesson: Never. Ever. Neglect. Leg Day.


Honesty is an important part of nurturing a relationship. We’re just not too sure about being painfully honest with certain parts of your awkward teenage years, but okay.


Or, you know, you could just not be mean to kids, y’know?


Trying to be cute in the face of stern political opinion on Tinder can be hella tough. Solution? Thrown on more Cute. aiyJodq-549x1024-1

Not unless you’re a certified medical practitioner.


Oh yeah? Well, two can play at that game.


Oh, don’t mind me, I’ll just be curled up in this corner being haunted by the memories of my terrible childhood.


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