Woman Emails Rightful Owner of Stolen Laptop, Requests Password

Woman using laptop computer
A Middlesbrough, UK man caught a lucky break when a woman emailed him seeking the password of his stolen laptop.


pi_18515etting robbed is a terrible experience, especially if the thieves make off with highly personal property—like a laptop. Under normal circumstances, the chances of getting your stolen goods returned to you are relatively slim. But one man near the Middlesbrough area of the United Kingdom caught a lucky break when a woman emailed him, seeking to know the password for his stolen laptop.

The victim said that the burglary had affected his partner, who now refuses to stay in the house alone when he works a night shift. But the couple can take some solace in the fact that the likely culprit of the robbery has been identified and brought to justice, thanks to the work of police and a local woman who purchased the stolen laptop from a cornerstore.

Pictured: The nemesis of computer addicted children from 2001 to 2009.
Pictured: The nemesis of computer addicted children from 2001 to 2009.

After buying the laptop, presumably believing it was legally available for resale, the woman found herself locked out of the computer. It is unknown how she obtained the original owner’s information, but she took it upon herself to contact him and get the password. Police got involved, and identified the person who took the computer to the cornerstore for resale as 35 year old Lisa Hanratty, who has had previous trouble with the law for drug related offenses. In fact, her rap sheet includes 34 convictions out of 64 offenses.

“The Crown would say that she was obviously close to the offence of burglary.” Said prosecutor Rachel Masters, who also noted the defendant had some of the victim’s other stolen property on her when she was arrested.

Hanratty was given a sentence of six months in jail, suspended for two years if she undergoes drug treatment and testing for 12 months.

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