When Normal People Have Famous Twitter Handles

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How many times have you tweeted a favorite celebrity on Twitter in hopes that they will respond? Or, just see your tweet and know that you exist? But what happens when you share a name with someone famous? Well, it can led to some very unwanted (or maybe wanted) attention, especially on social media. Let’s take a look at people who have experienced being mistaken for celebrities on Twitter.

Tom Holland

The young up-and-coming actor, Tom Holland was cast as Spiderman in the newest film. When the casting announcement was made, fans rushed to Twitter to tell @RealTomHolland congratulations for snagging the epic role. One problem, @RealTomHolland isn’t the actor. The Twitter handle belongs to the seventy-something horror film director. His Twitter feed was flooded with well-wishes for not his accomplishments, but this young kid’s. The director took it all in stride, he even changed his profile picture to his head photoshopped on Spiderman’s body.

People were unknowingly congratulating the wrong person and @RealTomHolland was loving every second of the attention.

The irony is people are having some trouble finding the right Tom Holland to congratulate on Twitter.


Who doesn’t remember the catchy hit, “Gangham Style”? The singer behind the hit dance song has had his own Twitter troubles. Ever try tweeting @Psy, don’t. @Psy is an I.T. professional living in Vancouver.

He mainly tweets about technology and tech stuff. Not exactly the social media activity

As for the singer, Psy, he joined Twitter under the handle @psy_oppa and had thousands of followers overnight. We wonder how tired @Psy is of Gangham Style references? As the popularity of the song slowly died away, we are sure this guy is super happy.


Coke is one of the most popular beverages in the world, yet many people have trouble finding them on Twitter. You see @coke isn’t your friendly beverage giant. Instead, @coke is Isaac Hepworth. Hepworth seemed to discover the power of social media long before the biggest brand in the world. His profile even says, “Not the Coca-Cola Company.” You know, just to keep those Pepsi fanatics at bay.



No, @Sheamus isn’t your favorite WWE wrestler. In fact, he is just a normal guy who happens to have the same name as a famous wrestler. The writer, which has built himself a reputation of Twitter fame way before the wrestler, has been contacted by many wrestling fans. It seems to upset him, but he vows to have more followers than the wrestler.

He inevitably receives a ton of tweets anytime the wrestler competes in a big match, but he also gets text from those WWE fans that think he is a real pain.

Twitter @Sheamus

Just in case you were wondering, you can find the wrestler, Sheamus on Twitter at @WWWSheamus. He also happens to have a tad bit more followers… #Burn.

Jack Daniels

“Consume without moderation.” Wait, that’s not right. Well, that’s because @jackdaniels isn’t the famous whiskey brand, it’s just a dude that shares the famous name. Mostly tweeting in French, we don’t see how there could be any confusion here. He does have a pretty creepy profile picture though.

Every now and then, he will share a quote or joke in English.


Does anyone remember Netflix’s biggest failure: Qwikster? The company decided it was time to phase out the DVD-by-mail service, so it made a pretty dumb business idea and created a completely separate domain. Qwikster may be remembered as a huge fail, but on Twitter @Qwikster was pure entertainment. It appeared the Twitter handle was already taken by Jason Castillo, a stoner teenager with a potty mouth and lack of proper grammar.

Many speculated that the teen would receive a huge payout for the handle, but the service was axed before a deal could be made.

It seems the stoner teenager hasn’t tweeted since 2011. Maybe he decided to clean up his act and start using vowels properly. We can only hope. His last few tweets are about going to church?

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