Ways Social Media Can Help You With You Homework

social media homework

Social media has become such a vital part of everyday life. These days all ages, especially student-aged users, find themselves checking various social media accounts all day long. There are plenty of discussions of whether this use of technology is distracting or time-wasting, but there are also those that have found some clever uses for the obsession. While many procrastinate from doing their homework by pouring over their Facebook feed or gawking over Instagram photos, some have figured out ways to make social media help them with their homework. There are plenty of ways sites, such as Twitter and Facebook that can help create discussions and share ideas. Educators are catching on to the trend and you might very well discover that positive impact social media has had on your education. We have discovered plenty of ways you can make your profiles work for you.



Can anything really good come out of just 140 characters? It appears so, the hashtag could be more than just a funny trend. Teachers are creating discussion among their students by assigning a hashtag. As the students comment throughout a given time period, their comments are tracked by use of the certain hashtag.

Speaking of trends, Twitter also keeps track of current events. Users can follow events and news as they unfold. In fact, many reputable media companies use Twitter to report in realtime. This tracking of trends can also be used in conjunction with the hashtag discussions.


This indispensable tool is for so much more than tasty recipes and unachievable crafts, Pinterest is also a source for great research and websites. Many users have created boards devoted to a variety of subjects from math and science to history and literature.

You can also create your own boards as you research a topic. You can use your pins as a way to organize your research. Pinterest also makes it easy to share those pins and boards, so you can easily work among a group of peers.

Google Hangouts

Here at Social News Daily, we are obsessed with Google Hangouts. We use this great messaging tool everyday to keep connected with our writers and editors around the world. While this might not be the most popular messaging tool, it has some great qualities that can come in handy when it comes to learning. You can easily message group members, share links and even video chat in large groups, making it easy to stay in contact wherever you may be.


Do we even have to mention this great source of thousands of useful videos? Home to video tutorials for pretty much any topic under the sun, YouTube also offers great videos by educational sources, such as Khan Academy. Where else can you search help with your algebra homework and then enjoy some hilarious cat videos? #multitasking



Facebook has seem to become the giant of all social media tools. With the same capabilities to message, track trends and report current events as its competitors, Facebook offers great possibilities for students. One unique use of the huge number of user profiles is using the tool to track down certain people, such as authors or community figures to get research on a certain topic.

social media homework

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to make the web work for you when it comes to making those good grades.

One thing many students have encountered is not being able to meet a homework deadline. Whether the deadline creeped up on you because of procrastination, a busy schedule or a moment of forgetfulness, there are plenty of online tools, sources of great research to help you get back on track. For example, a reputable online writing essay company can create a unique and customized essay for you on whatever topic you need. With the ability to beat even the quickest of deadlines, these writing services employ professional writers and offer excellent customer support. Long gone are the days of shady companies selling the same essay to thousands of students. These services have helped many students catch up on assignments, raise their grades and get back on track.

It is an incredible time that we live in. Advancements in technology are making learning much easier and social media has brought all of the world’s knowledge to our fingertips (or our keyboards, rather).

How have you incorporated social media into your learning processes?

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