This Popular Pasta Has A Special Protein-Packed Ingredient [Video]

insect pasta

Health experts recommend eating a diet full of protein, but I don’t think this is what they had in mind. Stephanie Richard is the mastermind behind insect flour artisan pasta. That’s right, insects make up what she describes as a “protein-rich, crunchy noodle.” In fact, this creation has been so popular, it has been flying off the shelves.

Richards explains that she believes that “insects are the protein of the future.” She came up with the recipe back in 2012, when she was brainstorming ways to add protein for athletes. A local insect distributor (is that even a thing?) suggested adding their products to her prodcut and Richards ran with the idea. That year the product began to fly off the shelf, selling more than 500 bags in just a few days.

So, how does one create insect flour pasta? Richards mixes pulverized crickets or grasshoppers with ground cepe mushrooms to create a nutty flavor.

“There’s a kind of nutty taste thanks to the cepes, making it taste more like whole wheat pasta,” she explained. The ratio used is seven percent insect flour to 93 percent organic spelt wheat flour, with whole eggs added to the mix.”

The brown noodles are formed into a variety of shapes, such as penne and spaghetti. Each package retails for around $6.60, so this protein-packed meal is a bit pricier than normal pasta.

Despite the odd special ingredient, Richards explains that her product is a great replacement for meat. With the popularity of this product, she is currently working on new twists to the recipe, such as adding cheese.

Richard’s isn’t alone in thinking that her product is top notch, her single employee shares her enthusiasm.

“The name of the ingredient might be a turnoff, but it’s really delicious, especially with game meat,” said Alain Limon, the only employee at Richard’s store, Pasta Délices – Atelier a Pates , in Thiefosse, northeastern France.

Whether this is a passing fad or truly the protein of the future, bon appetit!

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