Apparently, US Embassy Staff In Cuba Were Attacked… By Crickets, Maybe

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It is probably an open secret to the world by now that the US Government is always on edge. Like a paranoid man with a gun always suspecting their neighbors, even if they are safe. Hence, when US Embassy staff in Cuba experienced what they perceived as a sonic attack, you can imagine what the Government did. However, that might not have been a threat after all, according to them.


Back in 2017, 22 US Embassy staff in Cuba were reported to have been affected physically by some form of “attack.” Some even displayed permanent hearing loss and traumatic brain injury. It seems that it could have been some form of sonic weapon. It also forced the US Government to withdraw 60 percent of its US Embassy staff in Cuba. This was what it sounded like:

It was only until recently that researches from the US and UK were able to hypothesize what the attack really was, or whether it was really an attack. Turns out, it might have only been a strong and resonating cricket call instead of a sonic attack or other weapons. Oddly enough, the staff were not attacked in the embassy itself, but in hotels and public places.


Furthermore, the researchers were convinced that the said sound was from the Anurogryllus celerinictus a.k.a. Indies short-tailed cricket. Basically, a bunch of crickets caused some form of traumatic brain injury to the 22 US Embassy staff. Still, the researches pressed that a “more rigorous research” was needed to truly confirm what the “sonic attack” really was and what caused it.


Cuba, on the other hand has denied involvement in any such attacks, imagined or otherwise. However, the US Government remained vigilant against them and even claimed that Cuban Government could have helped the personnel or even stopped the “attacks”… meaning, the crickets? Where is Baygon when you need them.

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