Uber Passenger Drives Himself Home Because His Uber Driver Was Too Drunk

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Uber is quite a novel idea and is even good for the environment since it essentially makes good use of idle cars. There are definitely a lot of people who own cars but do not crucially need them, hence Uber’s popularity. Because of that, there are lots of interesting Uber stories ranging from funny interactions between driver and passenger to scarier horror stories. However, one incident probably takes the cake since it involved the passenger and the driver switching roles.

Surya Oruganti from India has had quite an interesting experience as an Uber passenger. Earlier this month, Surya hailed an Uber cab in Kempegowda International Airport but to his surprise, the driver was too drunk to take him home. However, instead of looking for another ride, Surya commandeered the car himself and drove himself home with his drunk driver in the passenger’s seat.

His trip home took roughly 20 miles and it was a fortunate thing that he knew how to drive. Initially, he did let the driver do his work, but Surya judged the trip too dangerous with the driver’s current state and asked him to pull over so he can take the wheel. Additionally, the driver that was displayed on the Uber app was not the same as the driver which greeted Surya.

Surya then contacted Uber regarding the issue as it could have easily turned into an ugly and dangerous situation. Uber immediately removed the driver and his profile on the app but also warned against what Surya did since taking the wheel of the cab was also dangerous. Thankfully, no one got hurt during the incident.

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