Snake Has Bad Overbite, Gets Special Braces To Fix It

Photo by Facebook/HerpVet

Dental issues have been getting a lot more common for us human beings. This is more apparent with the younger generations, but experts actually blame soft and processed food which are bad for the teeth. Apparently, modern food technology is killing our need to chew like cavemen and develop ideal jaws and teeth. Hence the need for braces. Still, one snake proves that braces are not just for hoomans.

A green tree python named Toothless has a host of dental problems comparable to human beings. In her worst case yet, she suddenly developed an overbite, where the upper and lower jaw gets poorly aligned to the point of making the upper jaw looking bigger and deforming the face and the head, quite common among humans, really.

Apparently, Toothless was just enjoying her usual meal during one feeding session when her “left lower jawbone folded and got stuck in her throat” according to a doctor from HerpVet, which specializes in reptiles. This gave Toothless an overbite appearance and made swallowing food difficult for her. When she underwent an x-ray, they discovered that Toothless broke her jawbone while eating, hence the overbite.

However, instead of the risky surgery, the veterinarians looked to more “human” treatment methods and invented special braces for Toothless to correct the jawbone injury and overbite.

It worked, by the way, and Toothless regained her confidence once more since she was able to show her pearly whites… to her prey, without getting laughed at by them.

Additionally, Toothless did not go bankrupt since the procedure was not that expensive, unlike what happens to most humans who undergo extensive dental care.

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