People Are Going Crazy After Seeing This Video Of A Kid Playing With A Huge Snake

Photo by Fine Art America

Kids in the first world have it so easy, their toys are really safe. Even their countries’ laws ban certain toys that can be potentially murderous playthings. Hence, that is probably why a lot of people were shocked after seeing a kid from the third world play with the most dangerous playmate ever, a snake so big it looks like it snuck out of the “Anaconda” movie set.

An unnamed kid from Thailand has been a subject of a parental guidance debate after a video of him playing with a snake went viral. The snake appeared to be a boa constrictor which was probably more than 20 feet long given its girth. However, despite being one of the deadliest hunters in the wild, it appears that it poses no threat to the kid. Here’s the video, take a look:

Haters might say that the snake was an actor. It also appears to be too large to be kept as a pet and is more likely a wild snake. So why did it not hurt the child who was wrestling it? Maybe it was full, or maybe they were friends and the snake did not feel threatened by a child. It is also worth noting that snakes like those are quite ubiquitous in places like Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia, so children in there are used to them and even hunt them bare-handed like professionals, something even fully grown adults in other countries could not imagine doing:

Those are constrictors and pythons by the way, not poisonous but can cause a bad flesh wound with their bite and can strangle anyone dead with ease. They seem to be no match for the children though.

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