This Guy Made A Working Modification To His Car That Everyone Will Love To Have

Photo by YouTube/Daniel Tillotson

The thing about automobiles is that they reflect your current lifestyle right now. Your car can say tons about you, more so if you don’t have one– no pressure. However, one guy from YouTube challenged all expectations about premium car features and came out victorious with a better model!(?)

Photo by Sub5zero

Daniel Tillotson, or at least that is what his YouTube channel is called, is quite the grease monkey. You see, Daniel believes that people should not pay a premium for premium car features and should take matters into their own hands and make those themselves. So that is what he did, meet his new car, now with a convenient and hands-free juice dispenser, watch how he did it below.

Okay, maybe it is just semi-hands-free since you still have to press a button– THE window washer button to be exact. Yeah, also you may want to bring a napkin or bib if you try it out for yourself because the juice dispenser’s aim is a little… squirty. It is something though, right?

Photo by YouTube/Daniel Tillotson

Of course, make sure to drain the wiper fluid, unless that is the extra flavor you want in your juice and are willing to risk food poisoning. Still, there is no denying that Daniel’s uh, preference for a non-toxic washer fluid as a vegan got quite creative. Not only can he clean his windshield with… juice, he can also quench his thirst?

Photo by YouTube/Daniel Tillotson

Now, if only he could fix that soap aftertaste problem with the drink, then his new modification could sell like orange juice, maybe.

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