Trump’s Latest Government Shutdown Has Inspired These Hilarious Memes

Government Shutdown Memes

For the third time in 2018, the United States government has been shut down. The final shutdown has spilled over to 2019, and those affected are really starting to suffer. Many government employees are going without pay while citizens are without many services they need to survive like foodstamps. This is hardly how so many people wanted to spend their holidays, yet there’s no end to the standoff in sight. In the meantime, Trump’s latest government shutdown has inspired some truly inspiring memes for us to enjoy.

No More Taxes

Government Shutdown Memes

It makes sense! If our taxes go towards the services we receive from the government, and the government stops providing those services even for a short period of time, then we shouldn’t have to pay those taxes. Considering the fact that they aren’t paying government employees and that most of them won’t receive backpay, collecting taxes at this time would mean they’re earning a profit from the shut down.

Lemonade Stands

Government Shutdown Memes

Kids down south are taking advantage of the government shutdown by setting up their lemonade stands and selling drinks on the street. With a government shut down they can be sure that “Permit Patty” won’t be ratting them out, as there’s no where to get a permit these days. Even the kids living in the colder states are taking to the streets to sell hot chocolate, tea, and coffee, shouting “down with the man!” every few minutes.

Imaginary Money

Our country can’t afford to build this enormous wall, yet Trump just can’t accept that. What ever happened to making Mexico pay for it? They’re only one of the poorest countries in our vicinity, but surely they can afford it if we can not. Even the GoFundMe page that raised millions to build the wall in just a few days doesn’t make a dent on the enormous price tag on Trump’s little project. Oh well. Maybe we should focus on something more important like affordable healthcare or housing veterans.

Behind The Scenes

Government Shutdown Memes

The real reason for a government shutdown right before the holidays: massive parties. They’ll likely need another week to recover from their hangovers and then we can expect the government to be up and running again. Until Cinco de Mayo comes around.

Long Enough

Government Shutdown Memes

Likely every government employee who isn’t currently being paid is thinking this in their head. It must be nice to get a few days off unexpectedly, but when money is tight, a shutdown is the worst thing to happen to government employees. Many have come forward about their experiences and are facing homelessness, food shortages, and a struggle to receive healthcare. They’ve been applying for unemployement in hopes to get just a fraction of the money they’re losing during this shutdown.

Take Back The Colonies

Government Shutdown Memes

The British may have been keeping things quiet for a while, but you bet your ass they will always have their eyes on American land. Fortunately, we’re only experiencing a partial government shutdown. A complete shutdown would stick a huge target on American land, but the British would certainly be first in line.

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