This Japanese Traffic Safety Video Must-watch… If You’re A Cat

Photo by YouTube/YellowHat channel

Being a cat is not easy. You have to keep one of your nine lives in check, you constantly have to remind your human who’s the master, and you also have to periodically sharpen your weapons on the human’s furniture. Of course, the streets are also not that safe for cats. Hence, that is probably why Japan created a traffic safety video for cats who want to cross the streets.


No, don’t leave, this serious. If you’re a cat and you don’t want to lose one of your nine lives because of a careless human, then Japan has the perfect solution. Animal psychologists from Kyoto University have made a traffic safety video which they are sure, will teach cats how not to become a road omelette. Here it is:

Well, I’m human(?), so there was no way any of that made sense to me, much like other inventions of Japan but I digress. Still, there is actually a science behind the traffic safety video for cats. After all, it was made by animal psychologists including Professor Kazuo Fujita, a specialist in zoology and cognitive science. It’s not just a random traffic safety video with cutouts of cats tossed in, mind you.


You will notice that there are lots of moving elements in the said video; that was made in order to attract the cats’ attention. Additionally, the meows were also cherry-picked to ensure that cats will respond to it. If you also listen closely, the background music contains ambient sounds of mice and chirping birds to keep the cat’s attention.


So yeah, you can show this to your cats to school them in the way of traffic safety. Oddly enough, it’s quite hypnotic for humans…

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